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If you can imagine it, we can build it..


At Slurke our primary goal is to provide unbeatable, custom software design, development and consulting services. Our development and support team is entirely Canadian based. We’re not outsourcing to a foreign country, which makes us faster and more precise. We’re serious about custom software development and it shows.


Our Process

We don’t just dive headlong into your project. The first step in our process is a ‘discovery meeting.’ We take time to listen to you talk about your business, your industry, the problems you want solved, AND your ideas. We ask questions and listen even more so that we can suggest the best frameworks, technologies and tools for your project.
It’s this discovery process that sets us apart. We don’t rush to make your square peg problem fit into our round hole solution. During discovery, we come to the table with a blank slate. The synergy of starting that way; listening, learning, asking questions, and brainstorming with you first, creates a creative and efficient problem-solving environment.

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Solutions For You

Maybe you need to streamline a current software process. Maybe you’re trying to salvage a project that didn’t go right. Maybe you need to integrate a new API. Maybe you’re ready for a fully customized software solution.
No matter your project status, the team at Slurke can provide the data platforms and software development you need to take your project into the end zone.

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Just A Few Of The Ways We Can Help

  • Database integration with in house systems and 3rd party software
  • Creating custom APIs for your system, making it more accessible
  • Backend management
  • Analytics and product dashboards
  • Streamline existing processes
  • Update existing software
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services) and RackSpace Cloud
  • Content management platforms that allow you to update the content
  • Document management

We Listen


And because really listening during our discovery process is one of our core values, we’ll work with you to find the simplest, most elegant way to turn your vision into a programming reality. If it’s a data issue, we’ve got you covered. If it’s a web app, not a problem. Need a way to integrate an API or a system? Check. Got questions about Cloud Computing or the Internet of Things (IoT)? We’re up to the challenge.
From custom software to mobile app development, from web apps to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), our team of experts brings years of expertise and excellence to your project.


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